Acne Treatment

ACNELAN  is a medical grade acne treatment offered by world famous Mesoesthetics company and should be performed in a professional skin care clinic like Durban Laser Clinic to ensure all causes and triggers of acne are treated.

Acne vulgaris is one of the most common dermatologic conditions that affects nearly everyone at some point in their lifetime. Although not life-threatening, acne may result in permanent scarring and long-lasting psycho-social effects, including low self-esteem, social anxiety, and depression. The avoidance of such consequences motivates patients to seek Acnelan treatment.

Once thought as a condition only affecting teenagers, adult acne has been increasing, especially in women 25 years of age and older.

At Durban Laser Clinic, we understand how debilitating and psychologically sensitive the issue of acne can be for those who suffer from it. Millions of Rands are spent every year on over- the- counter products that are not effective.

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What is Acnelan?

The Acnelan treatment is the latest and most advanced Acne peel treatment and offers a multifactorial approach to the treatment of acne, congestion and seborrheic skin.

Acnelan has a special combination of active acne fighting ingredients. The home maintenance regime has acne Products that target the triggers and prevent a recurrence after the peel course is completed.

Acnelan works to reduce inflammation and reduce the activity of P.Acne bacteria in the skin.

Furthermore, it works to control excess oil production, slow down and limit sebum production, clear the pilosebaceous unit and reduce blockages within the pores. The result is clearer, healthier skin which can self-regulate to control future breakouts.

The treatment combines an intensive two week pre peel home treatment followed by your professional in salon.

Acnelan Procedure ( Treatment Time: 30 minutes)

Step 1: You will book in a free consultation and you skin will be assessed.

Step 2: If you are the right candidate for the treatment you will be given products to prep your skin two weeks prior to the peel being applied.

Step 3: You return to the clinic for your Acnelan peel.

Step 4: You return how after your peel and start to reintroduce your prep products back into your regime after 48 hours / according to your specialist recommendations.

Step 5: You will return to the clinic after 21 days to have your second Acnelan peel or if your acne was mild then your skin will be assessed, and no further treatment will be required. Remember this will all be discussed in your consultation and how many sessions you will be required depending on the grade of acne.

Management of acne can be divided into two phases: the initial treatment phase, which aims at reducing the severity in a relatively short period of time, and the maintenance phase, which aims to prevent recurrence.

Thereafter you will continue with the home care products. Depending on the grade of acne we recommend 3 to 4 in clinic treatment sessions.


What is acne?

Acne is a multifactorial inflammatory disease of the pilosebaceous duct, resulting in bacterial over-growth and inflammation. The pilosebaceous unit consists of a hair follicle and surrounding sebaceous glands. These units can be found all over the dermis except for the palms and soles; the highest concentrations can be found on the face, upper back, and chest area.

An increased production of androgen, usually coinciding with the onset of puberty, causes abnormal epithelial desquamation and hyperkeratinisation, along with an increase in sebum secretion by the sebaceous glands. The accumulation of sebum, epithelial cells, and keratin within the follicle eventually obstructs the follicle, leading to the formation of a keratin plug and follicle swelling. This results in the formation of a keratin plug or come done. Two types of comedowns can emerge: a come done with a widely dilated opening (open come done or blackhead) or a come done with a microscopic opening (closed come done or whitehead).

P acne bacteria leads to the release of chemical mediators that promote inflammation.

What type of Acne is the Acnelan treatment suitable for?

Mild to severe acne, congestion, breakouts, and oily skin

7 Reasons to treat Acne early

If your teen or pre-teen has acne, you may decide to let the acne run its course. The most-effective strategy, however, may be to treat acne when it first appears.

Here are 7 science-backed reasons why early treatment appears to be your best option.

1. Get faster results from treatment.
Treating acne early may help to prevent scars. Acne treatment takes time regardless of whether you’re treating mild or severe acne. That said, it does take less time and effort to clear a few pimples than a mix of breakouts that could include blackheads, whiteheads, and deep-seated acne cysts.

2. Reduce scars.
Treating acne early may prevent acne scars. In general, the more severe the acne, the more likely it is to scar. While severe acne is most likely to leave scars, mild acne can scar when picked. Treating at the first sign of acne may also prevent someone from developing a habit of picking at their acne, so the person may never develop acne scars.

3. Stop lingering spots from developing when acne clears.
Anyone who has medium-to-darkly pigmented skin may see a dark spot appear when an acne pimple, cyst, or nodule clears. Dermatologists call this post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). People with light-colored skin may see a red spot where acne once was. These spots can linger for months. Many consider it worse to have these lingering spots than the acne itself.

4. Prevent mild acne from becoming severe.
Early treatment can prevent a few pimples from progressing to widespread blackheads, whiteheads, and deep, painful acne.

5. Decrease the likelihood you’ll need stronger acne medicine.
1.tWhen acne becomes severe, strong medicine is needed to see clearing. These medicines have more possible side effects and require close monitoring by a dermatologist. That means more office visits.

6. Avoid years of acne.
Acne can begin at a young age. Dermatologists now see 7-to-12 year-olds with acne. Treating acne early and keeping it under control can prevent future breakouts. Today, that can add up to a substantial number of years without acne. Many people have acne into one 20s. For some adults, acne persists well into their 30s, 40s, and even 50s or 60s.

7. Sidestep emotional distress.
Acne can cause more than breakouts. Studies show that acne can also take a toll on one’s psyche. Many say their self-esteem suffered after developing acne. Some people with acne withdraw from people in their lives. The severity of the acne doesn’t seem to matter. Acne can have negative effect on self-esteem and relationships whether one has mild or severe acne. One large study found that having acne can lead to depression and thoughts of committing suicide. Other studies show that treating acne can alleviate these feelings.

Treating Acne early could improve your child’s quality of life for many years to come.

How many treatments do I require?

You will need 3 to 5 treatments followed by the appropriate homecare products to keep acne under control.

What type of Acne can the Acnelan treatment be used for?

The Acne Peel can be used for mild to severe acne, congestion, breakouts and oily skin. It is effective in reducing active acne lesions, preventing the formation of new acne lesions and maintaining a healthy balance to the skin.

How long does it take for the Acnelan to work?

Acnelan treatment will have to be done in a series of 4- 6 treatments ( 3 weeks apart). Initial symptom improvement may take up to 8 weeks. It is important to know that symptoms may appear to worsen during the first few weeks of treatment.

Is there any down time with the Acnelan Treatment?

Redness and flaking will be present, but no down time is required.

Who is at risk of getting acne?

Acne appears earlier in girls, but more boys are affected during the adolescence years; the average age for the onset of acne is 11 years in girls, affecting up to 82%, and 12 years in boys, affecting up to 95%. Recently, there has been a rise in the appearance of acne in those as young as 8 or 9 years of age. This increase at such a young age has been attributed to the decreasing age of puberty onset. There has also been a substantial increase in adult acne, most commonly in women.

Ethnicity and genetics may influence acne prevalence and severity. A positive family history of acne can greatly increase someone’s risk. Scarring and hyperpigmentation occur more commonly in those with darker pigmented skin. Several other factors have also been associated with increasing acne risk. These include cigarette smoking, a diet high in dairy and glycaemic carbohydrate intake, hot and humid conditions, local irritation or friction (occlusive clothing or repeated scrubbing), use of oil-based skin and hair products, prolonged sweating, and emotional stress.

How often do I need to get professional Facials for Acne

Acne is related to clogged pores caused by dead skin build up and trapped oil . A professional facial will be the treatment you'll need to stop or minimize breakouts. If you have blackheads, whiteheads or other pore-clogging issues, during a facial treatment, the esthetician does extractions by hand.

What can I do to prevent my acne from getting worse?

Patients should avoid any contributing factors that may increase their risk of worsening their acne. In addition to professional treatments, basic facial care with twice-daily washings and the correct cosmeceutical products is essential. Patients should also avoid oily skin products, touching their face, and manipulating or picking at the lesions. In some case it may be necessary to regulate your hormones or take medicine internally to.


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