Whenlee Chetty

It’s been said that “A friend in need, is a friend indeed.” No words could better describe what your clinic has meant to me…

When I went to Durban Laser for the first time 5 months ago, I had severe acne and acne-related pigmentation. I also had a lot of inflammation, redness and swelling as a result of an acne treatment that was recommended to, and formulated by a pharmacist. I thought my skin had been scarred for life and did not have much hope of getting it better.

However, I was surprised when I went for my consultation to Durban Laser Clinic and the therapist assured me that they were going to help me, however long it may take to get my skin healthy again. That was the start of my “skin journey” following the ZO Skin Health Restoration Program, which was a combination of ZO Skin Health Products and regular ZO Facials. Slowly, I could see the progress in my skin and through this whole journey; they were always there to support me. When I wanted to give up, they were there to assure me that they will not give up till they saw the results they wanted!

It has been almost 5 months now and the changes in my skin have been unbelievable!! I have my self-confidence back and feel like a new person. I want everyone to know that I cherish Durban Laser Clinic for the emotional support, even more, than the fabulous face I have and yet every time I see the super women team I’m told that they are not done yet! I always left saying “Oh, Wow, what more”?? How much better can my skin still become and every week I am even more surprised!! The whole team at Durban Laser Clinic is the most wonderful humans one could ask helping you mentality with self-esteem and truly going on the journey with you…

Giving me warm affection in my darkest time…

This is not just a Laser Clinic but truly a God sent

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