Andrea Hurter: Laser Hair Removal

I did six laser hair removal treatments and had my last treatment a couple of weeks ago. I can definitely say that I am very pleased with the results. My underarm hair is all gone, virtually no more hair there! The bikini zone can still use one or 2 more session, but you can see that there is a remarkable decrease (about 85%) of hair in the zone. Wow!

It does hurt a little tiny bit, but not at all like waxing. Overall, I think this was a great experience and now I won’t have to worry about my underarm and bikini hair again! Thank you Durban Laser Clinic! Your service was excellent and the way you took an interest in me (and I am sure every client) made it a very positive experience. I think it’s totally worth the investment and it will save me lots of money and the agony that I would have endured during my otherwise never ending waxing sessions.

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