Not Just a Teenage Dilemma

Does this sound familiar? You spend hundreds of Rands on off the shelf acne products — buying a product, trying it, finding it doesn’t work, and then buying another one. The cycle goes on forever, is a huge waste of money, and produces no results. In some cases, those products used to do the trick, but now you’re noticing more and more breakouts. Maybe it feels like you’re running out of options and you don’t want to keep spinning your wheels.

If consistent use of over-the-counter treatments (and washing your face regularly!) is doing nothing for you, your next stop you should probably get professional help.

At Durban Laser Clinic we have access to stronger acne treatments such as facials, peels and medical grade homecare products with high lever active ingredients to actually make a difference to your skin.

The dilemma

It’s not just teenagers who battle the unpleasant effect of acne. Adult onset acne is a common skin ailment, but you don’t have to give up your fight for beautiful skin just yet. Help is at hand, at Durban Laser Clinic.

It typically starts in puberty when increasing androgen levels activate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Adult onset acne appears in similar ways to teenage, but appears later in life because of hormonal changes.
Excess sebum is a powerful inflammatory agent that leads to acne and scarring when produced in excess. The production of excess oil by your skin can be brought on by all the same reasons you may have been accustomed to in your teenage years, but, here’s the most annoying adult dilemma: you could be stuck fending off cystic acne on one area of your face, while working really hard to stave off the development of wrinkles. That seems to be a strangely contradictory type of cruelty!

Causes of adult acne

There are numerous culprits behind the unexpected onset of acne, including hormonal changes, diet, and increased stress levels. At Durban Laser Clinic will ask the right questions to find the root cause, and then suggest solutions.
Another factor that plays a role is that the excess sebum prevents natural exfoliation of dead skin cells and disturb the skin’s maturation cycle, causing a clogging of the pores that leads to whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, cysts or nodules.
While the appearance of acne can be unsightly, individuals who battle also often report that it leaves their skin feeling inflamed, red, painful or itchy. Adult acne, because it is mostly hormone related, is more likely to appear when you are premenstrual. It mostly appears on the lower half of your face, along your jawline, and on your neck.

How to prevent it

There are so many different topical and oral treatment options on the market that it can be very confusing. Instead of trying a different product every month, it is better to consult with a professional to put you on the right path. 
Eliminating the triggers behind your adult acne are not always possible without the intervention of medication such as oral contraceptives. It appears that certain birth control pills can help tremendously to stabilize hormone levels and counteract the androgens that stimulate oil production.
You can also reduce your sugar intake, as sugar increases your body’s insulin level. Studies have shown that an increased insulin level can trigger an increase the amount of oil your skin cells produce.
It is preventable only if addressed in the early stages when whitehead and blackheads start to appear. Every effort should be made to do acne facials to eliminate blackhead and whiteheads before they reach the inflammatory stage.

Consult the professionals

It’s probably a good idea to check with a professional if you’ve had clear skin all your life and are suddenly having moderate to severe breakouts (not just one or two pimples every once in a while)
During your initial consultation, a thorough history will be taken to try and determine if a hormonal imbalance may be contributing to the condition.
In case of severe of persistent cases, the patient will be recommended to visit a dermatologist to determine whether a systemic antibiotic or isotretinoin is indicated.

Ultimately, when dealing with adult acne, it’s best to consult with the professionals, who can help you to assess the products you’re using, while developing a skin care and acne treatment plan.

How to treat Adult Acne

Treatment should be seen as part of a bigger plan to restore general skin health. Healthy skin is less susceptible.
The topical approach to treating acne, while also improving skin health, consist of the following:
Skin preparation, addition of disease specific products, exfoliation and stimulation of epidermal renewal, barrier repair and hydration.
Treatments should begin with topical products and then treatments can be added such as acne facials, exfoliation peels as well as the Venus Viva for Acne Scars.
Treating adult acne should be undertaken in a personalized manner. Everyone’s skin is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. For some people, simple topical treatments will fix their skin situation, and for others, a multi-faceted approach is required. At Durban Laser Clinic, we collaborate with you to develop a personalized skin care and treatment plan, that helps you eliminate adult acne. We often find that combining treatments works best to help you manage and move beyond adult acne, and that is why our exceptionally experienced therapists take great care in selecting the right treatment for you.

Ultimately, if you feel like your acne is severely affecting your life, or a chronic issue you cannot control on your own, don’t try to manage it alone. Therapists are specifically trained to treat skin conditions and can absolutely help treat your acne.  In addition, when it comes to deciding when it’s time to see a professional, trust yourself. If you feel like it’s time, it’s probably time.

Book a consultation at Durban Laser Clinic. We will help you solve your adult acne skin concerns.

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